Newsletter – February 2019

Newsletter – February 2019 1

Bookings 2019

Thank you very much for getting your bookings to me in time for the new year.  Some groups who book speakers in advance have already started to send me requests for bookings in 2020.  If you are booking a speaker please check on the availability of the room first.  Any early bookings you wish to make will be gladly received.

New Trustees

Would you like to help to manage the Darby and Joan Hall? The Trustees are inviting anyone who belongs to one of the voluntary groups which hire our Hall and which are not already represented on the Committee of Trustees to come and join us to help us to keep on providing this important village facility. We are all volunteers and we meet as a Committee every two months to plan how to keep improving the facilities we offer to anyone who hires the Hall. If you would like more information, then please give our Chairman, Bob Minors, a ring on 01482 842270 and he will be delighted to talk to you.


Trustees have received a few complaints during the last couple of months about indiscriminate car parking on our premises causing difficulties for other users. The space for car parking is very limited.  The Trustees have no wish to be authoritative about parking and would much rather prefer users to be considerate to everyone else and not block the entrances or exits.  To try and overcome the problem the Committee would like to make the following suggestions:

  1. When parking in the area in front of the Main Hall – use the Finkle Street entrance to enter and exit.
  2. When parking in the area at the rear of the Small Hall – use the Whiting Close entrance to enter and exit.
  3. When parking in the driveway down the side of the Hall – use the Whiting Close entrance to enter and exit via the Finkle Street entrance. Park vehicles along the fence border, but not on the gravelled area. This will also leave the entrance doors to the kitchen and Small Hall freely available.

Any feedback is welcome on this subject.

Extended Bookings

It has been noted for a while now that some groups regularly arrive very early or finish well after their allotted time.  Again, the Committee has no wish to be prescriptive about this, but it has to be pointed out that the extra time being used is potential booking time and members of the groups concerned should not think that it is theirs by right should another group book the hall either before or after the event.

Usually half an hour is left between bookings, enough time to set up and pack away. When this is not the case you should be contacted or contact Les.  A sensible compromise is always possible.  Peter should also be aware of what is happening.

May we please ask groups to be aware that they are exceeding their allocated booking time.  At the moment there is no intention to confront anyone.  We simply request that you are sensible over this matter.

Best wishes