December 2021


Room Charges 2022

A reminder that hire fees will remain the same as they are in 2021.


Annual rental charges are being increased from 1st January to £50 per annum per unit.  Groups concerned have already been informed.  Storage is at a premium and can only therefore be rented by regular hirers.


We are pleased that many of you have expressed a wish to be with us again in 2022.  Thank you for your continued support.  To those of you who are leaving us we thank you for your time with us and we wish you and your members a happy and healthy future.

Covid Vaccinations

You will no doubt be aware that vaccinations have been taking place since the beginning of November.  These will certainly extend to the end of the year and more than likely continue into 2022.  If you have found that there have been minor inconveniences to you and your members because of all the extra activity we apologise, but hope that you will understand and bear with us and the vaccinators.  We regard the service being offered as essential and of great benefit to the people of Cottingham and districts.

Wi Fi

We are pleased to see that both the wi fi and the screen are being used frequently.  Please contact me for instructions or information if you are thinking of using either.


Grateful thanks must be expressed to our caretaker, Peter, for all the hard work he continues to put into the Darby & Joan both on your behalf and that of the trustees. This year has again been particularly difficult for him and we are grateful for his constant dedication and commitment to your welfare.

Finally the Trustees would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   We look forward to a better year and meeting you all again in 2022.