June 2022

Cottingham Day, Sunday 3rd July 10a.m. to 4 p.m.

The planning for Cottingham Day in the Darby and Joan Hall continues and the Trustees are delighted that most of our regular hirers are able to join us that day to show the range and variety of activities available in our halls.  Each hirer will be allocated a numbered table or tables and we would like each table covered in a white sheet so if anyone has any spare white sheets can they please let us know.
The hall will be open on Saturday 2nd July from 11am to 4pm for anyone who wishes to set anything up in preparation. There will be no bookings that day.
The bunting has already been put up for hirers’ events connected with the Queens Jubilee (thanks go to our caretaker, Peter) and will remain during the summer.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available for visitors and those taking part in the day. Three of our hirers, Cottingham u3a, Cottingham Little Theatre and Cottingham and Hull Folk Dance Club have offered to staff the kitchen for a two hour slot each, for which we are grateful.
If you have any queries, comments or suggestions please get in touch with Pat Collard, Secretary, by email or by phone 07846 317662.

Proposed Improvements

  • The floor in the Large Hall will be treated and repaired during the week commencing August 22nd;
  • The sound quality in the Large Hall is to be fitted with a device which will greatly improve quality;
  • Automatic light switches will be installed in the toilets;
  • An extra bank of sockets for computers, the overhead projector, HDMI leads etc. will be placed near the stage;
  • The ceiling in the Small Hall will be replaced.

Hirers’ Comments

The u3a French Conversation Group has enjoyed the chance to meet safely face to face once lockdowns ended. It is far better than zoom! Peter always ensures that the back room hall is set out for our needs and we appreciate that.               Mary Kelleher (French Conversation)

Thank you to all those involved with the Hall for the kind support throughout the last year. A vital service for the well being of the community.          Hilary Spilsbury (Just Sew)

The way the hall is managed has made members of East Yorkshire Embroidery Society feel confident to returning to meetings in person and the new overhead projector and sockets for speakers to use their own computer has added variety to presentations at monthly meetings.

Susan Brett (East Yorkshire Embroidery Society)


Best wishes