June 2021


Bob Minors

Bob has been Chairman of The Trustees for the past eight years.  During that period the Hall has made the tremendous improvement that you all enjoy today.  Many of the facilities you use have been introduced quietly and efficiently by Bob who has always worked with the best interests of the Trust and its hirers at heart. His inspiration and enthusiasm for the task has been second to none, all of  it purely voluntary.

Sadly, for reasons of health, Bob has decided to retire.  His presence will be greatly missed and the Trust will be the poorer without him.  On your behalf the Trustees would like to say a big thank you to Bob and wish him and Kaye well for the future.


Joan Marlow

Joan was a member of the Trustees for three years.  Sadly she died suddenly on 10th April.  Joan had been a stalwart of the Wilberforce Sequence Dancers for many years.  Our thanks go to her for her dedication and service and we send our condolences on your behalf to her son, John, and partner, Harold.



The loss of two very important members of our committee means that we are seeking expressions of interest from people who use the Hall to become additional trustees.  Anybody interested should contact Les (07745451707) or Pat (07846317662). It is important for the future of the Darby and Joan and its hirers that we have a full and active body of trustees.  Your interest would be most welcome.


Latest News

  • The most recent government pronouncements prevented the last few hirers from rejoining us. We hope to be fully open after 19th  Please contact me if you have any questions.
  • A new CCTV system of four cameras was installed in May to add to the security of the building.
  • Boosters have been added to the wifi system to make the signal stronger.
  • All hirers should have received a replacement mortice key for the side doors. Please contact Les if you  still need a replacement.

Best wishes