Risk Assessment







Staff No staff employed No action required
Volunteers No volunteers used No action required

Caretaking/cleaning Contractor


1.  Caretaker unable to complete

clean between lettings.


2.  Someone becomes ill with

Covid 19 whilst on premises.




Hirers must not arrive early nor leave late. Any preparation or clearing up time to be booked and paid.


Caretaker to carry out deep cleaning of premises in accordance with guidance from Public Health England.


Included in Supplementary Booking Conditions.

Additional waste bins provided for tissues only in both Halls with appropriate notices.

Booking Secretary to keep website updated.



Maintenance contractors.

1.  Plumbing and heating.

2.  Electrical

3.  Fire safety

4.  Building and joinery

5.  Gas appliances



Advise of any problems.


All maintenance contractors to provide own PPE


Booking Secretary to be warned immediately if anyone who has been on premises has tested positive for Covid 19.


External areas


Car parking in front of Hall.


No more than 2 cars allowed, alongside flower bed wall.



Use of Emergency Exit from Main Hall is required.


External areas


People drop tissues.


Caretaker to check areas for rubbish which may be contaminated.   Must wear gloves to remove.



External areas


Memorial seats.


Not considered a risk.



Main Entrance





1.  For Main Hall, all hirer’s guests to

enter through Main Entrance

only, not through kitchen.


2.  Congestion of people when

arriving, leaving or using toilets.



3.  Automatic door push buttons,

door handles, door plates & light switches.



Stand-alone 5ltr hand sanitiser station provided in Main Entrance.



Hirer to control – limit number in Main Entrance.

Limit number using Ladies toilets at any one time to 2.

Disabled toilet available for anyone.


Regular cleaning by Caretaker and by hirers on arrival and departure.


Caretaker to refill as necessary.

Caretaker to ensure supplies of soap, paper towels and toilet rolls.




Main Hall including stage



Appropriate social distancing to be observed.



Hirer responsible for group members to:

a.  maintain appropriate social distancing:

b. use tissues and dispose in bins:

c. wash hands regularly.

d. use wall mounted hand sanitiser in Main Hall






Caretaker to refill as necessary.





Kitchen used as thoroughfare


No entry from outside other than by key holder of group to access Main Hall




Wall mounted hand sanitiser provided in kitchen.


Where possible users are encouraged to bring own drinks, disposable cups etc. and to dispose of used items at end of session by taking away in their own bin bag

Caretaker to refill as necessary.



Small Hall







Appropriate social distancing to be observed.


Entry via side drive.



Stand-alone hand sanitiser station inside Small Hall.



Hirer responsible for group members to:

a.  maintain social distancing where appropriate:

b. use tissues and dispose in bins:

c. wash hands regularly.



Caretaker to refill as necessary.







Single toilets.



Caretaker to ensure supplies of soap, paper towels and toilet rolls.



Store room corridor


May be used as Safe Area for anyone taken ill



Chair provided and access to single toilet.







Cash handling and tickets


Too many people arrive at once.


Organisers to arrange appropriate systems.

Performance seats to be limited, booked in advance.  Entry to be controlled & appropriate social distancing maintained.


Amendments approved by Trustees on October 2021


Special Conditions of Hire during Winter 2021 (COVID-19)

Supplemental guidance to the hall’s ordinary conditions of hire.


We have been asked by the East Riding Village Hall Network to bring the following to your attention.  The advice specified is not compulsory, but although optional, it is in the opinion of the trustees sensible and practical, and in the present uncertain circumstances, should be adhered to where possible.


  • You, the hirer, will be responsible for ensuring those attending your activity or event comply with COVID-19 Secure advice while entering and occupying the hall, as shown on the attached poster which is also displayed at the hall entrance and on notice boards. In particular please use the hand sanitiser supplied in both halls and the kitchen when entering the building and after using tissues.
  • You undertake to comply with the actions identified in the hall’s risk assessment, the latest version of which is attached.
  • On arrival you will be responsible for cleaning surfaces likely to be used during your period of hire, to keep regularly used surfaces clean during your hire, and to clean them again on leaving. Please take care cleaning electrical equipment. Use cloths – do not spray!
  • You will make sure that everyone likely to attend your activity understands that they MUST NOT DO SO if they or anyone in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 48 hours, and that if they develop symptoms within 10 days of visiting the premises they MUST seek a PCR test. If the result is positive they should advise the organiser who should then make appropriate arrangements for the group..
  • You will keep the premises well ventilated throughout your hire, with windows and doors (except fire doors) open as far as convenient or opened at regular intervals to allow in fresh air. You will be responsible for ensuring they are all securely closed on leaving.
  • Where the people attending are not known to each other or do not regularly see each other you should consider how many can attend your activity safely in the Main Hall and the Small Hall, in order that appropriate social distancing can be maintained. As far as possible you should encourage people to avoid close contact with those they do not see regularly, to observe any one-way system within the premises, and to observe measures such as face coverings when using more confined areas.
  • You are asked to arrange the room as far as possible so as to avoid close contact between people who do not regularly see each other, such as: seating side by side rather than face-to-face, an empty chair between each person or household group, requiring face coverings, good ventilation. If tables are being used for a meeting a wide U-shape is advisable.
  • You are advised to keep a record of the date and time the activity started and the name and contact telephone number or email of all those who attend your event (or at least one member of any group of up to 6 people or 2 households who attend together).
  • You will be responsible for the disposal of all rubbish created during your hire, including tissues and cleaning cloths, before you leave the hall. We recommend that you bring a bin liner and take it away with you when you leave the hall.
  • Users are encouraged to bring their own drinks and food if required. If food or drink is being served or made it should be by designated members of the group and if possible be consumed while seated.
  • We will have the right to close the hall if there are safety concerns relating to COVID-19, for example, if someone who has attended the hall develops symptoms and thorough cleansing is required or in the event that public buildings are asked or required to close again. If this is necessary, we will do our best to inform you promptly and you will not be charged for this hire.
  • In the event of someone becoming unwell with possible Covid-19 symptoms while at the hall you should remove them to the designated safe area which is in the foyer or corridor to the Small Hall.  Provide tissues and a bin or plastic bag.  Ask others in your group to provide contact details if you do not have them and then leave the premises, observing the usual hand sanitising precautions, and advise them to launder their clothes when they arrive home. Inform the caretaker or a trustee as soon as possible.
  • For events with larger gatherings you will take additional steps to ensure the safety of the public in relation to COVID-19, for example by operating a booking system or providing attendants or stewards who will ask people to seat themselves furthest from the entrance on arrival, to exit closest to the exits first and invite people to use toilets in the interval row by row.
  • Other special points as appropriate:

Where a sports, exercise or performing arts activity takes place you should organise your activity in accordance with guidance issued by the relevant governing body for your sport or activity.

Where a group uses their own equipment you should ask those attending to bring their own personal equipment and not share it with other members.

As far as possible you should avoid using equipment which is difficult to clean and ensure that any equipment you do provide is cleaned before and after use and, where appropriate, before it is stored in the hall.